Featured presentation of Brookline Climate Week 2015

Power to the Pedals: Wenzday Jane and the Culture of Change

A film by Bob Nesson

Screening and Panel Discussion Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 from 7-9 pm at the Coolidge Corner Theater. Admission free, donations welcome

Watch the trailer here!

Brookline Bikes Mailing List Signup

We have a low traffic mailing list that we use to notify people of bicycle related events such as the Brookline Bicycle Parade and important public meetings. Go to our mailing list signup page.

The Brookline Bicycle Advisory Committee

Brookline has a population of approximately 55,000 and offers a mixture of urban and suburban living in the Boston metropolitan area. Many neighboring governments, including Boston proper, Cambridge, and Newton are also taking steps to improve the local bicycle infrastructure.

Bicycling in Brookline

The Town of Brookline desires to improve conditions for bicycling and to promote bicycling by children and adults, for both transportation and recreation.

Bicycling is an attractive and efficient mode of transportation for trips whose distance is in the range of 0.75 to 5 miles. A large fraction of Brookline residents make trips in this range, including local errands and work trips to such destinations as Cambridge and Boston. Our youth, in particular, make many trips in this range, going to school, to playing fields, running errands, and visiting friends. For those living too far from school to walk there, bicycling offers a means of traveling to school independent of bus schedules, without driving or being driven in a car, improving opportunities for participation in extra-curricular activities.

In comparison with driving, bicycling reduces traffic congestion, parking need, energy consumption, and air pollution. Bicycling to work or school is also a way to get routine cardiovascular exercise with little or no incremental time commitment. Many Brookline residents want this kind of opportunity for themselves and for their children.