Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved to improve bicycling in Brookline?

The easiest way to become involved is to join us at our monthly meetings. We are happy to have people show an interest and we are always looking for help.

How can I report an abandoned bicycle?

If you suspect a bicycle has been abandoned on public property please report it to the Town using the abandonded bike section of the BrookONline website or the BrookONline smartphone app.

How can I report a pothole or other road damage to the town?

Road damage, broken streetlights or other road (and sidewalk) hazards should be reported to the Department of Public Works. You can now report potholes and other problems to the town via the BrookONline website or the BrookONline smartphone app. You can also reach the Department of Public Works at (617) 730-2156.

How can I get a bike rack installed?

We may get more funding for bike racks in the future. If you know a location that needs more bicycle parking, please let us know. Additionally, we are starting a program that will let private parties donate a bike rack to the town. Please see our Parking page for more details.

How can I register my bicycle?

The Brookline Police Department runs a voluntary bicycle registration program to assist in returning stolen bicycles to their owners. See the following link for this and other bicycle information: Brookline Police Bicycle Information