Bicycle Plan

Plan Information

The Brookline Bicycle Advisory Committee has prepared a master plan to promote bicycle transportation in the Town of Brookline. This plan includes a network of bicycle routes that connect all neighborhoods in Brookline, with special emphasis on schools, parks and commercial areas.

This plan was generated with input from the public, town staff and local organizations. We expect that it will be modified over time to meet evolving conditions.

Plan Documents

File Date Updated Size
Brookline Green Routes Network Plan 2018 Revision new Jan 2018 3.4 MB
Brookline Green Routes Network Plan 2017 Revision Jan 2017 2.6 MB
Brookline Green Routes Network Plan 2016 Revision Jan 2016 620 KB
Brookline Green Routes Network Plan Nov 2008 345 KB


File Author Date Updated Size
Green Routes Map 2018 new Mitch Heineman Mar 2018 1.5 MB
Green Routes Map 2017 Mitch Heineman Jan 2017 847 KB
Green Routes Map 2016 Mitch Heineman Jan 2016 596 KB
Brookline Bike Map 8x11.pdf Mitch Heineman Nov 2008 177 KB