Bicycle Parking

Donation Program for Bicycle Racks

The Brookline Bicycle Advisory Committee proposes that the Town of Brookline encourage the donation of bike racks by individuals, businesses or other organizations for installation in public areas of Brookline such as streets, parks or the grounds of public buildings.

Available bicycle parking encourages people to use their bicycles as transportation, and they are more likely to use a bike if they can find convenient and secure parking at their destination, such as libraries, schools, stores, parks, and other local destinations. Providing a well designed designated area and racks for bike parking helps cyclists avoid locking their bikes to other fixtures, such as trees, benches, railings or other areas that may impede pedestrian traffic.

A number of bike racks were installed around Brookline during 2007 and 2008 using funds from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council but renewal of the grant was not available. There are still many locations in Brookline that would benefit from additional bicycle parking and encouraging donation of bike racks could help to meet this need.

A new bike rack in Washington Square.

Bicycle Parking on Private Property

Businesses and individuals are encouraged to provide safe, secure, weather-protected parking for bicycles whenever feasible, for example in parking garages. For excellent information on the appropriate location and design of bicycle parking, see the brochure developed for Cambridge, MA:

Privately Donated Racks for Public Areas

Businesses, organizations or individuals who wish to donate bike racks for public areas should follow these procedures:

  1. Select the desired location for the proposed bike rack. Such areas might include the sidewalk in front of a business if there is sufficient space, an area near the entrance to a park or playground, or within the grounds of public buildings or parking lots. The location must be reviewed and approved by the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works, or his designee.
  2. Select a suitable bike rack for the location. Based on location, DPW – Transportation Division staff will provide the available types of racks and their associated costs that can be used. The style of rack for any location must be reviewed and approved by the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works or his designee, who will notify the Bicycle Advisory Committee of any proposed rack and location.
  3. Once a donation is received by the Town covering the full cost of the bike rack (including shipping), it will be purchased and installed by the Department of Public Works - Highway Division and become the property of the Town for its natural lifetime. It may be removed or relocated at any time if that is deemed necessary for public purposes.

To discuss donation of a bike rack, possible locations and styles, contact:
Todd Kirrane
Transportation Administrator